Therapy in English


Therapy in English

I can offer to conduct therapy sessions in English.  Please use the contact form which you wish to contact me.

Training and professional experiences

I have the board certification for general medicine and the additional certification for psychotherapy based on depth psychology and have additional training in group psychology, psycho-oncology and psychodrama. I worked for more 20 years in my own practice with a focus on people with psychosomatic diseases, depression and anxiety disorders.


The focus on psychotherapy usually lies in the difficulties and conflicts of the current life situation. The usual frequency in one hour per month for up to 50-100 hours. The objectives of the therapy will be jointly agreed.


Mindfulness is the our inner ability to meet our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations in the present moment kindly, open and without judgement. I offer Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as a certified MSBR teacher.

Therapy for couples

In joint sessions we work to understand old relationship patterns and to transform them. 


I am not accredited by the German statutory healthcares insurances but I work with all private health insurances.  For a 50 minute single session I charge €90,00 and €130,00 for a 90 min session which I recommend for couples.